After passing my Inter science in 1951 from Ruia college, I joined Govt. Law College at Churchgate. They had morning classes and lectures. After college, I was attending Bharat Bijlee Ltd. (BBL) for practical training on the shop floor. But I was not an employee. I passed my LLB (Bachelor of Laws) in 1954 (at the age of 21).  Within 3 months thereafter I passed my Bar-at Law examination to become eligible for practicing. But, I never wanted to practice the legal profession. Instead I was put as an employee in M/s Hindustan Equipment Suppliers Ltd. (then sales agents of BBL), as a trainee in marketing.

BharatBijlee_logoAfter about 15 months, I joined BBL in the month of Dec. 1955 as a regular employee with a salary of Rs. 150/- per month.  I got married in the month of May 1956 (age 23 years). In 1958, I joined post-graduate evening course of Bombay University in the school of Economics. This was a 3 year course in business management.  Here I met many young industrialists and professional senior managers and worked with them on several projects as part of the curriculum.


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  1. Shankar Sathawane

    Dear Zaveri sir
    I am S S Sathawane working for Bharat Bijlee in the R&D initially and now in the Drives deptt. Understood about Expedition experience through Mr N R Hegde and naturally was impatient read about the same. Very beaytifully narrated your experience and the memories of yesteryears. Few words are added in my vocabulary. its truly good experience with us who knew little abut old time luxuries and pains.
    I feel enriched with your experience
    Wish you Good health and Regards
    Shankar Sathawane


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